Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I have been spoiled by having a rather calm child, even after he's been firmly ensconced in toddlerhood. This morning seemed to be a reminder to me of just how lucky I've been. Before an hour had passed, he had stuck his hand in the dog's water bowl, fiddled enough with the blinds that I had to tie them up higher, and shook his snack trapper vigorously enough to sprinkle at least 30 Cheerios across our carpet. Luckily, our dog helped to clean up that last mess. Of course, as soon as I said anything to anyone about his flurry of activity, he quietly sat down and watched Dinosaur Train. I have to say, of the new show ideas I've seen for young children, that show is one of the best--it combines two very popular obsessions of little boys: dinosaurs and trains. Genius. 

Haiku News

The final insult:
Prejean sued by pageant folks
for breast implant loan.

Running marathons
is challenging, but the risks
of death are quite low.

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