Thursday, October 29, 2009

My name is...

...Mommy, lately. Today it was my son's favorite word. He even sang his "Mommy" song a few times this morning. Precious. I also made up some silly game where I danced around, stopped, and bent low to look him in the face and say "hi" to make him giggle. I love getting him ready for bed, too, as even as active as he can be, he will usually give me a bunch of sweet kisses and climb onto my lap while we're waiting for the tub to fill. Ahh. 

Paige is first into the fray on the Dramatic Monologue challenge, with a little-touched-upon in poetry but VERY scary scenario for any mom! Check it out here

Haiku News

Worst disguise ever?
These two nuts tried to hide their
faces with Sharpies?

Canadian folk
singer took a nature hike,
killed by coyotes.

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