Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Hard Day's Night.

I dearly love my son, and while he is an excellent sleeper, occasionally he seems to need to remind me how good I have it. Last night, just after I got to bed, but before I had fallen asleep, I heard him start whining. Usually if he wakes in the night it is very brief, so I went in and gave him his pacifier (he doesn't usually use one at night anymore, but if he wakes I'll give it to him). That didn't even keep him quiet for a minute. He kept whining, or sometimes even talking to himself. Even though I knew he wasn't cold, hot, sick, or in pain, it is impossible for me to sleep while he is awake. So I waited. And waited. An hour later, he was still awake. Finally I went downstairs and played some brainless computer games for awhile, hoping he'd fall asleep eventually. No such luck. I went back upstairs at nearly 1:30AM and did everything I hadn't already tried, including turn on his white noise machine that usually only goes on at naptime and turning on his humidifier. Well, either one of those did the trick or he finally just conked out, since I didn't hear from him again until 8AM. I tried to get a nap when he did today, but I couldn't get to sleep; my brain wouldn't shut up, plus like everyone and their mom called in that hour and a half. SIGH. Well, I'd better wrap this up so I can go to sleep; hopefully the boy will be merciful and sleep tonight.

Haiku News

Olympic bid for
Chicago is do-able;
infrastructure's there.

Nothing is sacred
for former Catholic, founder

Would-be assassin
hid bomb in his underwear,
but not up his butt.

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lovefam6 said...

I so understand. (((Hugs)))