Monday, September 28, 2009


Today's rather tempestuous weather seemed to reflect the inner turmoil I struggled with today.

I hoped I had turned "the corner" (but really, I should know by now that doesn't exist) on struggling with losing Rory. Then I found out belatedly that a friend of mine from college lost the baby that she had already announced she was pregnant with. So she lost hers significantly later than I lost mine. So basically I was reminded that yes, it can be worse than what I went through, and someone I know has recently suffered through it. It makes me sad. I wish I had prettier words for that, but I really don't right now.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a new poetry challenge, but no one has squared off on the ode yet, so I hope to see some before tomorrow night...otherwise I will extend the deadline. 

Haiku News

SNL newbie
drops f-bomb on live TV;
bad choice of first sketch?

out-of-control numbers can
lead to heart disease.

Older workers thrive
into eighties, older still;
some blame recession.


paige said...

You know, grief is so universal & yet so personal - it's one of those things that is impossible to compare with anothers & count ours as less...

Anonymous said...

Insanely busy. I hope to ode at you later in the week.