Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Eyeteeth bite.

My son has been working on getting his eyeteeth for the last few weeks. One little point has emerged, and at least one more is on its way. I haven't been able to see the other side of his mouth for at least a week; he won't show me or let me poke around in there. Thank goodness he'll at least humor me by chewing on his toothbrush a couple times a day. It seems to be affecting his naps lately. Luckily it doesn't seem to be hurting his overnight sleep, but where he used to have at least 2 hour naps, the last two days have been more like an hour and a half. Ugh. Oh, and I have had to wrestle him into his stroller the last two days for the walks that we take every day. He has been walked in that stroller for a year with no issues until now. I really hope it's just a passing phase and the wrestling will not become part of our routine!

Haiku News

Woman implanted
with wrong embryos in botched
IVF transfer.

John Edwards' mistress
was a former party girl,
had great pick-up line.

Fake New York Post aims
to inform on green issues;
real Post not amused.


Anonymous said...

How the hell does this get on the news when whackjobs like Kadafi and Terahn are talking at the UN and we have pissed away all we have fought for, for a free nation!! SO THE FUCK WHAT if you got the wrong embro!


Minerva said...

You should take your concerns up with CNN, not with me. I, for one, believe tragedy can come in lots of sizes, and granted the impact of this one is a bit smaller than, say, terrorism or rogue nations, but it is a tragedy for those involved nonetheless. Most parents would agree that they would expect to have children that are genetically their own and not have to relinquish a child to its genetic parents because someone at the lab screwed up your procedure. But hey, a baby is a baby, right? /sarcasm

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Minerva. That poor woman and her family are having to give up a child that she carried for nine months........it may not mean anything to you, but for those involved it is a big deal! It is not just about the embryo, its about all the lives impacted by the situation. On another note, and intelligent person would be able to get his or her point across without the use of profanity!

Joan M Wheeler said...

It DOES matter to the child who is implanted inthe "wrong" mother! I am an adoptee, reunited with my natural family for 35 years. I am an activist and advocate for adoptee rights, which includes the rights of donor-concieved people, who are very much like adoptees.

Here is what I wrote on my blog about this story:


Honesty, sincerity, integrity! Can you imagine that? Here’s a couple, devastated to learn this past February that the pregnancy achieved through IVF was not their biological child, this couple makes the right decision to give the baby back to his rightful parents. The boy is not yet born.

The couple is devastated that they are not pregnant with their own genetic child.

The genetic parents will be traveling to the hospital from another state for the delivery, but they will not be in the room for the cesarean delivery. Here’s the link to that story on CNN.

This unborn boy has the right to a truthful birth certificate. He also has rights to all of his parents.

I hope the authorities will document this boy’s conception and birth truthfully. He has two mothers. Even though the second father is not involved in conception and birth, he is emotionally connected to that baby. The couple who is going through this pregnancy has influenced this unborn baby with their voices, their emotions, their environment, and their love. They must be added to the boy’s birth certifcate: the pregant woman willl give birth to a son who is not her genetic son!

The genetic parents will have their newborn placed in their arms at birth. They should also be named on the child’s birth certificate. Information about the infertility clinic where he was conceived should also be named.

Visitation should be awared to the parents who will relinquish their birth-son, and, from the boy’s perspective, he may also want to visit with these parents and their other children. After all, he was nurtured in his birth-mother’s womb and heard her other children’s voices. They are his siblings, even though they are not genetically related.