Monday, September 21, 2009


I dislike it when I'm feeling like everything's fine, and then something happens that reminds me that it isn't just yet. Like last night, I got a reminder from my computer's calendar for my original first OB appointment that is no longer necessary. Sigh. Then one of my high school friends announced her pregnancy on Facebook today. Double sigh. Not that I'm not happy for her. It's just a little hard to see that when I would have been nearly to the point of announcing mine on Facebook by now. 

[abrupt subject change] If you were planning on submitting some free verse poetry, please do so before tomorrow night, as I am going to attempt to post the new poetry challenge on time on Tuesday. But really, anytime you feel like submitting a poem, I'm happy to see it. 

Haiku News

Why would someone spend
so much time qualifying
for so little pay?

MIT students
float camera into near space
and get some good pics.

Hotel employee
held on murder two charges
in condo slaying.

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