Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Poetry Challenge #13: postponed...

Because no one has tested the waters of last week's challenge, I am going to let this be your gentle reminder to dive in, rather than posing another challenge. You can find the instructions and examples for the rondeau here. I have faith that if you are interested in trying out this gentle type of poem, you can do it. Please show me what you come up with; I don't like thinking I'm just doing this stuff for me!


Mimi said...

I hope you are leaving sooner than late morning, or you're going to miss that plane! 10 at the very latest, don't you think? Can you tell I'm soooooo ready to see you?

paige said...

"Keep looking up, beauty is everywhere..."
i'd gone, & her voice had followed me there.
amidst the filth and void darkness around,
they lessened the burden that i had found,
& i in humbled state heard from his lair.

Echos of mercy now rang through the air.
Lies bonds, by sweet truth bow beyond repair.
Free now, i stumbled towards that Great sound.
"Keep looking up."

How foolish i am! This truth i can bear!
Never about me, that lie's a snare.
Oh, Truth, free me from that bloodthirsty hound,
it's all about Him - His beauty abounds.
My eyes from Truth's garments, i cannot tear.
Beauty is everywhere.

Minerva said...

Paige--what a gorgeous rondeau! A true hymn. Maybe you should think about setting it to music? :)
1,000 points for making me smile.

Anonymous said...

The rondeau I was working on, which involved cats, ultimately had to be put down and buried back behind the barn. For its own good.

Here is its sad, sorry successor:

I've noticed in myself a trend;
For reasons I don't comprehend,
In case after repeated case
Excessive Fail makes me erase
The poetry attempt I've penned.

So usually I end
Detailing how I haven't kenned
A rule-fulfilling rhyme with grace.
I've noticed....

Uneasily I apprehend
That my subconscious ain't my friend.
When artistic design I chase
It laughs, and taunts me to my face,
So to self-mocking I descend.
I've noticed....
I've always known that I'm my own harshest critic, where anything even vaguely "creative" is involved, and I'm tempted to think that this is just more of my usual self-sabotage, except...

On closer introspection, I think my difficulty with the weekly poetry challenges is probably more closely related to the trouble I always had in school, with "test freeze", and panic-induced writer's block when creative writing homework was assigned. And the reason I think this, is that those Haiku Commentaries come effortlessly (they practically write themselves!), and the "I may have seen your brain" thing tried to grow into 3 stanzas; never a wise move where zombies are concerned! ;)

Hopefully, with regular bludgeoning, I can eventually wear a hole in this problem.


Minerva said...

Cicely--please don't resort to self-assault or voluntary head injuries. Hopefully the simple act of repetitive practice will do the trick! 1,000 points for your valiant effort. You seem to excel at haiku commentary and meta-poetry. :)