Monday, September 14, 2009

A work in progress.

As a disclaimer, I am struggling with some personal heartache, so I may not be able to continue to post daily for the next little while. I will be back, but I don't want to keep too much to a prescribed schedule just now. Thanks for listening.

[Work in Progress]

When did you go, my littlest one?

I didn’t know to say goodbye.

I thought that you were still with me,

I hadn’t even thought to cry.

We only had a little time

for me to love and hold you close.

Well, I will love you all my life

even though you had to go.

Daddy, hold my dear one near

until I can get back to you.

I know he must be so like one

I have down here with eyes of blue.

Or maybe she is opposite

with dark features striking the eye

a sparkling wit to charm us all

and a heart we can’t deny.

Even though we haven’t met

to see life face to face,

I know I’ll recognize you when

I have finished my race.

I’ll run to you and scoop you up,

my forever-little one,

and you’ll give me back the missing piece

of my broken mother-heart.


Isis the Scientist said...

I'll call you tomorrow. Come to my house this weekend.

paige said...