Monday, June 21, 2010


By request, I will post today so my mom can see my baby ticker. :) I passed the 35 week mark on Friday, which also happens to be when I had 35 days left. I always thought that particular milestone is kind of fun. The next one I have to look forward to is July 2, when I will be 37 weeks, or full term. It's pretty amazing to me how quickly this last few weeks (even a few months?) have gone. I am now to the stage where little one's movements are increasingly becoming uncomfortable, yet I still relish feeling them since I know I will miss it when he is born. I am looking forward to seeing how similar or different he will look from my big boy, though for quite awhile now I've had a feeling he will look different. I guess we'll see in a few weeks if I was right.

I hope someone else might jump in and write a Gaga-inspired poem; I enjoyed writing mine and Cicely's was a hoot as well. Check them out on my last post if you missed it!

I woke up from my nap this afternoon with a few small ideas for that novel I wrote way back in November, and I am thinking it's a sign that I should try to actually do some edits on it before the baby comes. I hope I keep that motivation for when I actually have the time (after I put the boy to bed). I'll let you know if it worked. :)

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Rain said...

Hi = )
The poem is really great, and good luck with your baby and the novel, hope it brings a bunch of happiness.