Monday, June 14, 2010

I did it!!

I finally wrote the Gaga poem I was hoping to write. I won't make this an official Poetry Challenge because it was so difficult for me to do, but you can certainly join in if you like.

I settled on Lady Gaga's "Telephone," mostly because I decided it's the only one of her songs I don't completely despise. Also, I think this cover of it is one of the cooler things I have seen recently on YouTube.

If you liked that, check out Pomplamoose's other videos on YouTube, I haven't seen a bad one yet.

So, on with the poem. A tiny bit of background: the other reason I chose that song to poem-ize is that while I thought the sentiment expressed (wishing to free herself from unrealistic expectations of a boyfriend) was admirable, I don't think she expressed it nearly strongly enough. So here's my poetic version of the song.

Leave Me the Hell Alone
(inspired by Lady Gaga’s “Telephone”)

Before you can say anything,
just listen to me speak.
I saw the million messages,
the texts you sent, you freak.

You could have made your plans with me,
but you just blew me off,
so now you can go kick some rocks,
I’m sick or something. *cough*

Just because you changed your mind
won’t make me change mine too,
I made some plans with my girlfriends,
I’m not stuck to you like glue.

Your pathetic badgering
only drives me away,
so why don’t you go get a life?
I have my own, OK?

I dare you to pick another song (or even the same one!) and take a crack at poemifying it! Go on, who's it gonna hurt?

Completely off that topic, but I wanted to add this: if you are looking for a cause to support for a Pepsi grant, please check out Give Kids the World. They sponsor trips for children with life-threatening illnesses and their families to Florida to enjoy the various theme parks. Here is the link to vote for them; the top two will win $250,000. I can't think of a better cause.


lovefam6 said...

That's awesome Kristine!!! I absolutely love it and completely agree with your sentiment that hers wasn't nearly strong enough =)

Minerva said...

Thanks so much :) I enjoyed writing it once I figured out the angle I wanted to take.

Anonymous said...

I like it, too. The humor of it made me smile. :)

Anonymous said...


I like your treatment of the subject; maybe later on, I'll take a look at one of Gaga's songs and see if anything comes of it.


Anonymous said...

Well, that was faster than I expected!

My chosen subject: Poker Face
Video here:

Lyrics here:

My "take":

I'm a hand of cards,
Playing myself against him.
It's all just a game.


Anonymous said...

Unsolicited Snarky Haiku

Each generation
Needs to have its own "freak show".

Minerva said...

Cicely--glad to see you back! I take it you are a bit overwhelmed by my blog's makeover? I just got tired of the dots. :) I totally agree on your snark, as usual. As for your poem, I think you said it better. In Gaga's case, in that song, less is definitely more...she strings it out and ends up singing about her muffin. Ew. :)

Anonymous said...

Well, Minerva, as I told a scienceblogger during the last round of "who the heck are you people, anyway?" threads, I'm hard to shake off; kinda like a fungus. :D

As for the digression at the end of Poker Face, are we talking gambling, or baking? Or maybe some kind of fusion involving salmonella-infected eggs (and there's a potential pun, here!) and larvae-infested flour? Gives new meaning to Gag-ah!

I notice that I forgot to sign the snark; however did you know where to place the blame?!? :P

If I may riff on your excellent re-casting of the phone call song---

Listen up, Jerkface!
I'm not an accessory
For your social life.

(No, no; it's okay; I'm going....)



Alicia said...

I love it Kristine! Definitely inspired me to take a look at some songs and see if I can make a fun poem out of it :)