Tuesday, April 20, 2010


This blog post is hereby declared ranty-haiku post. Observe:

Dearest chirping bird,
it is four in the morning.
Shush, if you love life.

Kid screaming in street:
you really should know better.
Let the nappers nap.

If you do not want
to share your food with toddlers,
don't let them see it.

Why, no, everyone,
I had not noticed that I
am extremely huge.

When you point it out,
I am grateful; I worried
no one could yet tell.

A word to the wise:
despite your experience,
don't guess. You'll be wrong.

By the way, it's not
"any day now" that I'm due,
I have till July.

And yes, I have checked
several times with my doctor,
and no, it's not twins.

So let's let it rest
and you can think your deep thoughts
and leave me alone!


paige said...

i'm not gonna cross the little mama today :) Cute post, as usual!!
& ita about not showing a toddler your food unless you want to share...

Mimi said...

Awww, just turn your back on the biddies and they'll never know you're preggo at all! You're looking wonderful - just like you are! :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah, haikus! You're playing my song! :D


Your grass is growing,
But need you do your mowing
At the crack of dawn?

Your Fi-fi is cute.
Must you put her out to bark
All the night's hours?

Your car needs fixing,
But your stereo blasting
Really doesn't help.


Anonymous said...

Ooh! And another:

That intersection
Comes equipped with a STOP sign.
You might at least pause.


Anonymous said...

When did it become
Acceptible practice NOT
To use turn signals?