Tuesday, January 26, 2010


So, a couple at our church who have been absent for awhile came back to baptize their two children, the younger of which is 7 months old. When the wife saw me, she asked if I was 6 or 7 months pregnant. Uh, no, lady, try 3 1/2. Sheesh, it's really nice to make another woman feel like a cow when she's nowhere near as big as she will get at the end! If my last pregnancy is any indication, I will be pretty large even at 7 months... but I guess that's what happens when you are short-waisted. There's nowhere for baby to go but out. :)

Haiku News

Toyota suspends
sales: a pesky problem with

Missing Tech student
believed found on remote farm;
sad news for family.

"Pants on the Ground" guy:
I seem to be alone in
being over you.


Alicia said...

I can totally relate!! Darn the short waisted-ness... LOL! Either way it doesn't matter, you're completely adorable :)

Minerva said...

thank you, darling. You are, too!! :)

cicely said...

"Pants on the Ground" guy:I seem to be alone inbeing over you.

Haiku News Commentary

Never mind the guy.
Wearing your pants at your knees
Does really look dumb.

Minerva said...

Cicely: Having been a teacher of age groups who particularly love that style, I completely agree that it looks stupid. I just don't think the guy needs to be THAT popular. :)