Friday, January 15, 2010

Milkshake day.

I've been looking forward to today for quite some time. Today marks the day I decided it would be safe to announce to the world that we are expecting again. I was a bit more cautious this time, since we've so recently been burned, but this one seems to be sticking around. I guess now you all know why I've been so flaky and tired lately.

I suppose I should explain the title of this post. It's Milkshake Day because I decided if I made it to 13 weeks this time I would celebrate with a milkshake from our local ice cream place, which are enormous but not super healthy, so I only indulge once in a blue moon. I don't think a milkshake has ever tasted quite so sweet. Now I feel like I can actually start looking forward to July with some degree of certainty and breathe at least a little sigh of relief.

Haiku News

a wrench in Haiti relief;
hope that straightens out.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! You have my very best wishes. :)


paige said...

You are *so* cute! & so wise to celebrate the milestones. What a sweet idea.
i'm contemplating your poetry challenge. Good idea too.

Rosen Creature said...

congratulations! thank you for your poetry.

marginalia said...

I was anticipating a U of C reference . . . much, much better news. Congratulations!!!

Minerva said...

thanks to all for the kind wishes :)