Monday, December 19, 2011

Haiku a rama.

I find myself once again behind, so I will resort to some shorter "gems," if you will. :)

Christmas cookies sit
on my plate now twice a day.
SO worth one late night.

Wrapping presents was
a chore when I started, but
now it's a pleasure.

Giving something nice
to people I love so much
is worth some effort.

Christmas cards should not
be a dying tradition,
in my opinion.

I send out a lot
and am always sad to see
so few in return.

I would understand
if there were a modernized
replacement, but no.

I guess people feel
more connected day-to-day
with social networks.

But there is nothing
like seeing handwritten notes
from people I like.

Call me old-fashioned,
but I still greatly enjoy
good old sing-alongs.

This is the season
when I really get a pang,
missing my old choirs.


Anonymous said...

The winter's highlight
Most certainly is Christmas.
All downhill from there.


Minerva said...

I agree, if by
All downhill you mean that it's
Sledding time. Wahoo!

Anonymous said...

Sledding or skiing:
Both involving undue cold,
Are anathema.

And snowmobiling,
Ice skating, and snowboarding
Are on that same list.

cicely of the Seasonally Frozen Feet