Monday, December 5, 2011

As promised.

Autumn/ Winter Haiku series

Raking many leaves
into perfect little piles;
bagging? Nah, no time.

Next weekend: the snow
drifted over solid ice.
Shoveling was a dream.

Powdered-sugar land
after midnight flurries end,
sparkling in the sun.

Nothing can compare
to the light in a child's eyes
by a Christmas tree.


Anonymous said...

Grumpy Autumn/Winter Haiku series:

Oak trees in the yard
Refuse to drop all their leaves
To be raked at once.

Threats of the first snow,
Anxious glances at the clouds---
Hope it blows over.

Temperatures drop,
Spirits rush to follow suit,
And feet freeze solid.

(All right, I will grant
That new-fallen snow and ice
Can be beautiful.)

(still not a fall/winter person)

Anonymous said...

(Last year, you'll recall,
I wrote of nekkid, dead trees
Clawing at the sky.)

(also) cicely

Christina said...

Love the ones you wrote!