Saturday, June 25, 2011

Running my brain.

Hey folks!

I did my second 8 mile run in two weeks today, and I am pleased to say that while I am still not setting any land-speed records, I did shave a few minutes off last week's time. Probably partly because although it was still quite warm it was much less humid today than last Saturday.

I really wish I could tell two runners I encountered on the path today about their unfortunate wardrobe choices. One woman was wearing white running shorts and a black sports bra, but she (hopefully) had no idea that when her white shorts got wet they revealed the lacy underwear she had on underneath. Even if I had been close enough to tell her I probably wouldn't have, since then she would still have to find her way home knowing how exposed she was. Sigh. Another runner, a man, was wearing light gray cotton shorts to run in, and his groin area was quite that area of his shorts darkened considerably, making it appear as if he'd peed on himself. Guys: if you don't want to spring for technical fabric running gear, at least make it black or some other dark color!! Yikes.

Haiku News

Way to go, New York!
legalizing gay marriage
as everyone should.

This is probably
one of the only times that
they're sixth for something.

As if Holocaust
victims suffered not enough,
some women were raped.

On a lighter note,
Winklevoss twins just can't stop
suing Zuckerberg.


Anonymous said...

That was a nasty shock.

Last night I was savoring the happiness brought on by the NY legislature's judgement in favor of equal treatment for gays, thinking of the business opportunities that it would open and how it would not only make a lot of people happy, but also add some much-needed economic stimulus, all at the same time, and for doing the right thing...and then I clicked the Holocaust link. I think I can truthfully say that my mellow has never been so abruptly harshed. I literally---and I mean "literally" in the sense of "exactly, really, truthfully, and not at all metaphorically", not the new-fangled sense of "like, I totally am exaggerating for melodramatic effect, d00d! LOL!"---felt sick at my stomach.

Which is why I had to come back today to 'file' this

Haiku News Report:

Ah, America,
Home of "The World's Best Health Care"---
And so, we have this:



Minerva said...

Cicely--so sorry about the shock...I really disliked the story as well but couldn't in good conscience let it slide by. Hopefully I can keep it a bit lighter for the next few rounds. I heard about the story you wrote yours on last week, it is a sorry tale when things like that happen because of how messed up health care is in our country. :(

Anonymous said...

I wasn't reproving you for posting it; whitewashing the past is never a good idea, however much more comfortable it might be to do so. But if I'd given it a moment's thought, I'd have seen "Holocaust" and thought, "Um, let's save this one for later, shall we?", instead of "Oooh! Linky! *click*"

Short form: my fault, not yours.

And the state of health care...or more accurately, the health care this country is enough to drive one mad. Every single thing doesn't have to be run "for profit", but you'd never know that to listen to some people. Next up: residential streets become toll roads, and be sure to pay your daily "fresh air" fee. Arrrgh!


lovefam6 said...

Unrelated to your post, but I love the way your blog looks, BEAUTIFUL!!!