Thursday, March 11, 2010

Could it be?

The snow has melted. The sun seems to be out more than the clouds of late. The past two days I have been able to take the boy for a walk without needing a jacket of any kind. In fact, yesterday was the first day I could take the boy to the park and put him on a swing in months. The look on his face was priceless. Could it be...spring? I am hoping against hope that this is indeed the case. I am tired of my nose running and my fingers hurting anytime I venture outside for longer than a few minutes.

The boy is really turning into a mimic these days. Yesterday he sneezed and I said "bless you," which he promptly repeated. He is also working on "I love you". His pronunciation of "dinosaur" reminds me of a New Yorker even though he has never heard that accent before. I am finding that more and more he will repeat something I said moments before. While I do not generally use any sort of bad language, I will definitely need to be on high alert from now on that I don't say anything I don't want a tiny voice repeating.

As for the littlest one, last Friday we found out our boy is getting a little brother. He is already a bit of a wily one; I have had several days where I could feel him kick high enough to put my hand on my belly and feel it from the outside, but it seems that every time I am around other people he stays conveniently head up so that all his kicks are too low to put a hand on. Stinker.

Haiku News

I'm sorry, but why
should I care that George Clooney
frowned at the Oscars?

I will never know
what drives teachers to have sex
with teenage students.

This one makes me ill:
since when is love "dangerous"
to a high school prom?


Anonymous said...

Haiku News Commentary

I will never know
what drives teachers to have sex with teenage students.

Too much libido,
A dash of narcissism,
And failure to think.

This one makes me ill:
since when is love "dangerous"
to a high school prom?

Silly Minerva!
Ev'ryone Knows that Teh Gay
Is spread by contact.

And Ev'ryone Knows
That it can't be "love" that's felt
By same-sex couples.

And Ev'ryone Knows
That Teh Gays are conspiring
To corrupt our kids.

And so, Minerva,
The school really had no choice.
They had to be stopped!

/extreme, sardonic, tongue-in-cheek snarkiness

And now, to wash out the nasty, bitter taste that left in my (metaphorical) mouth:

Spring is in the air,
Which is now decently warm.
Now, let's see some leaves!


Minerva said...

Cicely--as always, insightful commentary.

The teacher-sex thing is just so disgusting to me. I taught in middle and high schools for four years and I cannot imagine EVER being in a situation where one of them would be even remotely tempting for me to enter into an inappropriate relationship with. Unfortunately due to the media hype this type of story gets, I feel like people tend to think all teachers are teetering on the brink of this type of despicable behavior. Ughhh.

And THEN there's school intolerance. They wonder why things like Matthew Shepard's murder happen, but then SCHOOLS actually foster or at least condone that sort of discriminatory attitude toward gay students by carrying on like this. It just makes me so sad.

Glad I could remind you of impending leaves. I am looking forward to them as well. While I am not as creeped out by bare branches as you are, my friend, I am also happy for spring's arrival. :)