Monday, March 29, 2010


My sincere apologies for another prolonged absence. I contracted a nasty cold last Sunday and am only just getting over a stubborn cruddy cough, which I can tell you is at least 30 times more annoying when pregnant. Particularly because your choice of medications available is severely curtailed.

I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This morning I woke up after a relatively unbroken night's sleep, the first in a week. I was nearly floored (even though I was still lying down) by a huge wave of love and contentment. I realized how lucky I was to have such a wonderful husband and two (almost) beautiful little boys, and how much I loved them. I wished my husband hadn't already left for work so I could give him a huge hug. Adding to my increasing sense of glee is a prediction for several days of 70-degree weather in the next few days. The boy's new spring/summer wardrobe is in the wash in preparation for warmer days ahead. Birds have been helping me wake up the past few days.

I am confident that once I finally kick this illness, I will finally have energy to do some things I have been putting off. Namely, writing more poetry and hopefully biting the bullet and starting to edit that novel I wrote in November. Part of my motivation for writing more poetry is that April is National Poetry Month. Any ideas for topics/ other poetry-related things you'd like to see here are quite welcome, consider the comments section my suggestion box. A heads-up for this week's Poetry Challenge: I think it's high time we did Spring poems.

Haiku News

If you are surprised
Ricky Martin has come out,
you have no gay-dar.

High up on my list
of things I would never watch:

Scary things afoot:
Michigan-based militia
planned to kill police.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear you were unwell, and glad to hear you are better.

Haiku News Commentary

"If you are surprised
Ricky Martin has come out,
you have no gay-dar."

No-one is surprised;
Early ambiguity
Is merely resolved.

"High up on my list
of things I would never watch:
Levi Johnston's show."

Milking his 'moment'
For what the market will bear
(If not the viewers).

"Scary things afoot:
Michigan-based militia
planned to kill police."

And scarier yet:
Of extremism's iceberg,
This is just the tip.


Anonymous said...

Unsolicited Spring Haiku

Rejoice in the leaves,
The flowers, the vernal rains.
(Hold the tornados).