Wednesday, March 3, 2010


It is so hard to wait for things sometimes. Now that little munchkin has started regularly making his/her presence known, it's getting more "real" and I am really excited about the "big" ultrasound on Friday. Last time we kept it a surprise, which was awesome, but this time I just have to know if our little boy is getting a little brother or a little sister. So hopefully if the baby cooperates we'll know in just under 48 hours. Now that it's so close it is really hard to wait. I am trying to keep busy, but I'm sure you are familiar with the feeling: the more you are looking forward to something, the slower time seems to go until you get there. least tomorrow I will have my mom here to help me pass the time.

Speaking of big brother, he is just so funny lately. He seems to be able to recognize the numbers 1, 3, 4 and 5, and often if you start counting he will join you. If he starts it himself though, it is likely to sound like "Four, five, four, five!" He also likes to say "green," although I don't think he quite knows what that is yet. He is just learning Mickey and Minnie Mouse, and Minnie frequently comes out "money," as in the other day when he pointed at her picture and said "Yaaaaay Money!" What a silly guy. We live close enough to our church to be able to walk, and the last few weeks we have taken our little boy by the hand and had him walk to church with us rather than riding in the stroller. I am proud to say he will frequently make both trips with no problems.

Haiku News

"Take your child to work"
taken to a new level:
kid directs airplanes.

Lesson for the wise:
if a girl asks for your kid,

Another good tip:
when departing on cruise ships,
bring sanitizer.


Bhanu(aka theguywhowrote) said...

You are so awesome. You got some fresh writing there. I am definitely following you. Btw, please visit my blog and leave comments.

Anonymous said...

Haiku News Commentary

More generally,
Let no one, of any sex
Take off with your kid.


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