Thursday, July 14, 2011


As usual, I may have lasted a week on my resolve to blog more often. However, I now know I have an end date to the uproar and upheaval in my life that has been preventing me from posting. My wonderful husband has accepted a new position, and we are leaving a teeming metropolis for a beautiful, friendly small town in a month. This weekend we are going to try to find our new home. I am really looking forward to starting this new chapter in our life together.

The boys are doing great. The big one is starting to get more and more involved with the little one, and it is so cute to see them sort of playing together every once in awhile. Little guy is getting so big and really wants to try to walk now that he has fully mastered off-the-ground crawling. He will be 1 in less than a week. Where does the time go?

The other day, my big boy heard his brother fussing on the monitor while playing downstairs with his daddy. He said, "Daddy, (little brother) is crying. I have to help him stop crying. (Little brother), STOP CRYING!" If only that worked, my darling. He also enjoys singing all sorts of songs, much to our delight. I hope we can get him into piano lessons as soon as they deem him "old enough," as well as swim lessons so he can take advantage of his grandparents' pool.

If anyone has a brilliant idea for the next poetry challenge, I'm all ears. For the next few weeks I will probably be buried in boxes and in organizing/purging frenzies, but I will be listening nonetheless.

Haiku News

Potter movies end,
bringing magic to a close
with some childhoods.

Politician thinks
his county'd be better off
in South Calif. Hmm.

A noble idea:
California would include
gays in history.

Congress needs to stop
acting like whiny babies
and fix the budget.

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