Monday, January 10, 2011

Progress Report.

So. I am doing well with the running portion of my resolutions. If not for a plugged milk duct I would have run 4 days last week, but as it was I ran 3, not too bad. At least I managed to avoid developing an infection which would have laid me up considerably more than one day.

As for reading, I need to get on that. I am planning to finally get to a real book after I post this. The reader will also get some use this week.

Writing: check. I need to see if I can wrangle my husband to read my really bad first draft of my novel and tell me what to do to help it out. Or maybe I should just trust I can fix some of it myself and start doing that till he's ready to read it. Hmm.

The kids are progressing rather faster than I want them to. The big boy is taller, I'm sure of it. He is finally starting to understand the process of going to the potty; now if only he would tell us when he needs to go instead of just going when we put him there ourselves. The little boy is smiley as ever, and really starting to work on teeth (chewing his tongue, fingers, toys, etc. and drooling). We'll see when one finally breaks through. He also babbles like crazy, so cute.

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