Thursday, January 27, 2011

End of January Snapshot.

Little son likes to grab onto my arm or try to put his feet in his mouth while I am trying to change his diaper. He is just starting to stay sitting up when I set him in a sitting position on the floor. He just started cereal and first foods a couple of weeks ago and is now consistently sleeping for longer stretches at night, hooray! He doesn't have any teeth but he does chew like mad on his hands. He will babble sometimes, just "Ababbabbabba" in varying pitches and sometimes almost a scream, without being upset. He is really a happy baby and rarely complains about anything.

Bigger son is getting funnier and cuter every day. His latest thing is to say "Mommy, give me a hug," and put his arms out to get the hug. He will put items on his head and say things like "I'm an astronaut," or "I'm Santa Claus," or occasionally, "I'm a baseball." It's pretty fun when he will ask me to do something and if I can't help him right away he will ask again but say please. He tries to sing songs he's heard more than twice, with varying levels of success. Too funny.

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