Monday, October 4, 2010

Poetry Challenge: Web Inspiration

Hello again!

I lost count of how many challenges we've had, so I guess I'll stop numbering them. It doesn't really matter, right?

Anyway, I thought this time we could look around for something on the internet to inspire us. If you are stumped for an idea, may I suggest I am constantly amazed by the things people choose to anonymously share with Frank on his weekly blog, although I can understand how freeing that sharing could be. One secret in particular struck me this week:

This postcard brings up so many questions. I wonder what Sara must think when reading it. Does she know it's for her? Does she know what her friend means by it? I like to think she does. Here's what I came up with:

Postcard for Sara

It's your turn to decide.
I can't make your choice for you
this time.
Examine your path options carefully
and steer your feet wherever the mood
strikes you.
You can make up your mind to pursue
that dream you always thought was
too extravagant.
You can go for that crazy whim
you've been putting off, fearing
you'll fail.
Whatever you choose,
I'll be right behind you.
You can be the queen
of anything.

So, what have you got for me? I'm waiting!! Oh, and please share the URL of whatever inspires your work.


Anonymous said...

Hi, Minerva; glad to see you back in the (blog)saddle again. :)

I'll look for inspiration for the Challenge later, but in reference to your post:

(Lyrics here:


Anonymous said...

Okay, here we go.

What a twist of fate!
Married skinheads discover
They are really Jews!


Minerva said...

So glad you stuck with me!!

I had actually not heard that song before. I love Sara Bareilles but I am not at all up on current music usually so that one slipped under my radar. I love it though, and I'm sure the postcard was inspired by the song since it borrows some of its language. Thanks for the heads up!

As for your poem, I am a huge fan of irony so thanks for calling my attention to that story! One hopes that they now see the error of their former ways. 100 points for the excellent use of irony.

Alicia said...

Out of sight
not out of mind
But sometimes my words
are just too hard to find
I tried to move on
that just doesn't seem right
All I really want to do
Is re-live that night
To feel your gentle hand
push the hair back from my face
and snuggle down into your chest
My warm, safe place
The thought of you has kept me up
wondering what could've been
could we have ever made it
as more than just friends
I suppose it doesn't matter now
I'm with somebody new
No matter what I do
I always forget to forget you

Alicia said...

Man, I can't get the picture to work...I'll have to try from home.