Sunday, May 23, 2010

2 months left.

Today was the first really warm day we'll likely have here this spring/summer, and I have a feeling I'm really in for it. Heat zaps my energy even when I am not pregnant, but being heavily pregnant I am certain will amplify the sedative effect.

Before we realized how warm it would turn out to be, we agreed to meet some friends and their toddler at a conservatory to check out the flora. It was beautiful, to be sure, but it was definitely HOT in there. Luckily the second part of our outing was to a terrific soul-food restaurant, where I finally got to try chicken and waffles. I heartily approve, particularly if they are washed down by a tall glass of sweet tea.

The boy enjoyed the trip, particularly his meal. He downed half a Belgian waffle and an entire cup of grapes and honeydew melon. Immediately upon returning home, he ate half a mini bagel, half a graham cracker, and the remains of his breakfast waffle and turkey sausage. Methinks we might be in a growth spurt!!

Again, I apologize for my lameness in not posting very often. Even when the temperatures haven't skyrocketed, I am feeling a severe lack of motivation to do much of anything apart from basic living activities. I hope the energy comes back sometime, I'm getting tired of being such a slug...but I'm not sure how to help myself out of it. least I physically feel pretty good still. Baby boy is starting to stretch out rather uncomfortably from time to time and my bathroom trips in the middle of the night have increased (he is super low most of the time), but otherwise I am counting myself lucky! The last ultrasound with growth measurements will be this Thursday; I am curious to see if this little one has as big a head as his brother did at that point. The 3d ultrasound I had at the beginning of the month showed that he bears at least a bit of a resemblance to his brother; we'll have to wait to see if the coloring sets him apart or not.

Anyway...hopefully I'll be back later in the week with another post. I'd love anyone to pitch in a late attempt at the Mother poems, since no one has taken a crack at it yet...


Anonymous said...

Priorities are important! Just now, taking care of yourself and getting enough rest is way more important than versification.

Anyway, trust don't want to read me taking a crack at my mother....


Minerva said...

Thanks for your understanding, Cicely! I am so glad you haven't abandoned me. I appreciate your perspective and input. I am still going to try and put up another post this week.

As for your mom, not to pry but I hope it isn't because you don't get along! You could write it about being a mom too if you wanted. But I understand if you're not into it.

Anonymous said...

Wellllll......let's just say that I get along with my mom just fine, provided we have sufficient physical distance between us to prevent face-to-face interaction, and provided we don't discuss anything of any substance on the phone.

Happily, my relationship with my now-grown kid is excellent! :)