Thursday, February 18, 2010

Poetry Challenge #25: "Wordle" poem

Once again, a huge thanks to for this lovely prompt. Please click on their link to see the original "wordle," or collection of random words, from which to draw your inspiration. You may use as many or as few of the words in the wordle as you would like. Any form is fine. Enjoy!

Here is my effort, using all of the words provided.

Evening Commute

Briskly striding forth, bracing
against cold wind as fading
light glints off frosted sidewalks,
she sees him, collar turned up,
smoke curling from corner of mouth
around his head. Staring.

A lubricious fellow, she thinks,
quickening her pace, feeling as if
she now walks on eggshells.
Her ear sharpens, waiting
to hear footsteps behind.
As day decays, her mind runs wild.

She tries to force the images
out of her panic-prone mind:
a patter of hacksaw, crown of nails,
red blood flowing as in a botched
dissection of a frog...
Arriving at her gate, a glance behind
confirms her mind’s fiction.


Mimi said...

Signs of Spring

Rain patters on the pond
Melting ice.
Rocks, frosted, line the shore.
But translucent eggshells house tadpoles
Soon to be frogs.
Winter's hold, once a roar
Has become a muttered murmur.

Minerva said...

Oh, I love it! I can't wait till we get some of that here instead of the more snow we're getting tonight...sigh...1,000 points for so vividly evoking the season I am starting to yearn for.

Anonymous said...

Can you post the random words? The link you posted said the account had been suspended.

Minerva said...

oh, dear...the site must be down for now, hopefully it will be back soon. Until then, here are the words:

I do hope the link is restored soon, as the Wordle arranged them in an interesting pattern.

Anonymous said...

Applause for Mimi! I can practically see the accompanying video. :D

My own effort:

Conversing with young men
Is like walking over verbal eggshells--
The most unsuggestive word
Incites lubricious patter,
Lightly frosted with salactious fictions,
And muttered asides of "That's what she said!"
At every pause for breath.


Minerva said...

Methinks you have had the singular pleasure of the company of middle school boys? Or perhaps the immature sort of high school boys? :) Having taught both age groups, I can only say "been there"! 1,000 points for bringing up perhaps not-so-fond memories in a clever way. :)

Anonymous said...

Ya see, I have this son....

And teenaged boys travel in herds. (Or do I mean hordes?)

And he is by no means unsociable.

He's grown now (25 years old! Where did the time go?), but my refrigerator remembers as if it were yesterday.