Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Miss me?

I do.

Seriously, sometimes I miss my brain lately. I think the process of growing a new baby eats it to a certain extent. "Pregnancy brain" is in full effect from early on, and I'm lucky to remember to take my son upstairs with me when I go to change his diaper. I mispronounce words or get sentences in the wrong order. Once I plop down on the couch for the night it's usually over for me to get anything else done. Oh, and lately babe rewards my laziness with a few barrel rolls or gentle shadow-boxing. Ahh.

My little boy is the cutest thing ever lately. He loves making all kinds of animal noises (my personal favorites: the peacock: "ah-aaah" and the frog: "bi-hit") and lately has been pretty obsessed with letters. I swear, I do not sit him down with flash cards, he just has been pointing at them and I will tell him what they are, and he remembers. He has an alphabet puzzle that he will go through and name most of the letters right off the bat with no prompting. He just turned two on the 4th. We may be in trouble here. :)

To top it off, I am somewhat of an Olympic nerd so I am continuously distracted by watching the various Olympic events, particularly the figure skating (even though the new scoring system leaves me completely baffled). I guess I am a sucker for the looks on Olympians' faces (not JUST Americans, really anyone) that realize that all of their hard work and dedication has paid off in winning a medal. Or sometimes (such as in the case of the American pairs skaters) they are just happy with getting a personal best score. I love that. Having competed on a much lower level in horseback riding, I remember having personal goals that felt just as good as winning when I reached them.

So, this is my way of saying, my apologies for being so absent lately. I guess it is shortchanging my son if I don't come on and keep track of what he's doing despite my mental lameness. I am going to try to be better now (I know, I've said that before too...I mean it this time!). I will be back tomorrow with a new poetry challenge.

Haiku News

Girl sues principal
over Facebook page against
teacher; cites free speech.

Kevin Eubanks quits
"Tonight Show with Jay Leno;"
some know when to leave.

Problems keep coming
for Toyota; now U.S.
probing Corollas.


Hillary said...

Hey, good to see you back! I know that preggo brain alllll too well!

Anonymous said...

I love the skating events, and am glad to know that I'm not the only one perplexed by the current scoring system. :D

I do notice that skaters these days seem more...nimble...than my memories of skaters of say, ten years ago. More fast footwork, and I think that maybe they pose (not the word I want, but for want of a better one) less after landing that triple-something than they used to. But then, the last time I followed the skating intensely, the triple-something was still a rare beast for the guys, and it was amazing that there was one girl putting one (one!) into her routine. The quad-something had yet to emerge on the horizon. I guess that, since triples are no longer so gasp-worthy, they aren't going out of their way to draw attention to them; "Look what I did, right there! That was a triple! I'm just...that...good!"

I don't know what the bio people were up to, with that New Cold War slant on whatshisname (Plushenko?), though.

Haiku News Commentary

I'm sure that Detroit,
Seeing Toyota's troubles,
Is not crying tears....


Anonymous said...

Haiku News Addition

Now, Big Principal
Is Watching the school children--
Even in the home!

Talk about invasion of privacy! The thought makes me queasy....