Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veterans' Day.

Thanks to social networking, I was reminded today that my college choir invites former members back to visit today. I wish I lived nearer my alma mater so I could have participated. As it is, I hope my old choir buddies had fun catching up.

I was struck this morning after getting the boy dressed that his shirt seemed awfully tight. It was one I hadn't put him in before, and it seemed like the sleeves were terribly short as well. When I checked the label, it was a 6 month size shirt!! I can't believe I got it over his (rather large) head. He currently wears 2Ts, so that was pretty funny. I'm glad he accepted it, since I needed to do his laundry and he had no other clean shirts.

Full disclosure: I have yet to write anything for my novel today, so I will leave my update of it until tomorrow when hopefully I'll have more to show for it.

Haiku News

Wearing fake medals
is not only in poor taste,
also illegal.

Quick thinking by teen
saved him from a death sentence
when set on fire.

Mike Tyson detained
at airport after scuffle
with photographer.

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Anonymous said...

Elsewhere in Haiku News:

Lack of work permits
Didn't seem to bother Jon
'Ere the axe-grinding.