Wednesday, November 19, 2008

A new poem

Here's a first draft of a poem I started today. I was actually intending to make this more oblique, and I may do another version that is less obvious eventually, but I kind of like how this is turning out so far. I appreciate any constructive comments. As yet it is untitled.

The angel nestles in close to me,
so near that distinguishing the line between us
becomes impossible.

The process began as a sort of awkward fumble,
both of us willing but not sure how to begin.
These days it can even be accomplished
when one or both of us are asleep.

There are no words for the warmth 
of the feeling of providing for one so small.
The cares and the worries of the day disappear
and there is only me and him,
him quickly fading,
me trying to memorize his face,
his sweet and sometimes sour breath,
his flawless ivory skin,
his untroubled expression as he gives in to sleep,
the breathing becoming deep and peaceful.
(Ah, to sleep like that again!)

I am trying to hold on to a moment
that I know will be all too fleeting.
I will blink and he will be going to school,
going to college,
getting married and moving away,
having an angel of his own.

But for now, I lean back
and snuggle in closer,
resting in the moment I will never have again.


savmimi said...

You make me cry. That's a good thing. :-)

paige said...

o so sweet! ~ i'm so glad you posted a link for us ~ i'll be checking in often :)

Isis the Scientist said...

This is lovely, Minerva. Excellent work!