Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Controlled chaos.

That's about the best description I can manage for how the last few weeks have been. It's more dealing with my toddler's adjustment period to having his little brother interrupting his routine 24 hours a day than it is dealing with the infant. My baby is really treating us well, sleeping for long stretches and only really crying when he's hungry. He can also sleep through his brother on a whining streak or jumping up and down next to his pack and play. Thank goodness for that!

I am continually surprised with how many "testing" things my formerly angelic toddler has come up with since his little brother arrived. The other day he managed to climb out of his crib, landing with a bone-chilling THUD and crying, although none the worse for wear. He also discovered that he can annoy me to no end by holding a bite of food in his mouth for over an hour, only surrendering it when one of us sticks a finger in his mouth and digs it out. I hope that one is short lived, it's pretty gross. Today he finally nearly hit his brother when in the middle of a tantrum, but I hope my reaction helped him realize it was a bad idea. Ughh.

I am trying to focus on the positive times, like when my big boy will go over to his brother when he is crying and say "It's okay" and pat him gently. He really seems to enjoy him, he's just trying to figure out what the new normal is, I think. I hope things will settle down a bit soon; until then I will probably only post sporadically.


Mimi said...

That's a great description of life with two little boys! It's going to be that way for a few years - but with more control. Eventually. You're doing a great job!

Anonymous said...

My son also went through a "food in the cheek-pouches" phase. He was just well into the table-foods stage, and we were having trouble getting him to try meats, so we were pleasantly surprised when, at a family get-together, he kept running up for a bite. Then, later, we found that he'd been depositing the bites, in a nice, neat row, under one of the cushions of my mother's brand new couch. It's funny now....

Then another time, we were staying over at a friend's house. Three hours after breakfast was over and done with, we spotted that he had something stowed in his cheek; on investigation, it proved to be an inch-long piece of bacon, now pale and washed-out looking, but unchewed. :)